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TCD Simulator 3.0 Download and Installation:

Download the file TCDsetup.exe (about 49 MBytes)

Click on the link above to start downloading the Installation App.

Double-click on the downloaded file to start the installation. You may first get a somewhat unfriendly message from Windows Security regarding unknown publisher. Moreover, if a message with a Do not Run button appears, just click on the More Information link and the choice of Run Anyway will be available. The program of course contains no viruses and, after extensive testing, has been found safe to run with no memory leaks. (By the way, its author has more than 50 years of programming experience in all kinds of computer languages.)

After installation you can start the TCD Simulator from the newly created Desktop Shortcut or the entry in the Programs Folder.

There is also a zipped version of the program available which can be downloaded from this page.

Page Updated: 2019-10-05