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TCD Simulator 3.0 (zipped Version) Download:

Download the zipped file TCD.zip (about 45 MBytes)

Click on the link above to start downloading the file. Note that this app will only run properly on Windows 7 or later.

This type of installation is based on direct unzip into a chosen folder. Some expertise in Windows is required(see below). For ease of installation, use the regular TCDsetup.exe  version

( Winzip extraction utility is available at http://www.winzip.com    If you have Windows 10, this utility is not required)

TCD Simulator Installation:

For Windows 10 Users:
After download, with Windows Explorer, go to your download Folder and click on TCD.zip. Windows Explorer will show a tab with an Extract All option. Click on this, and you will be able to select where to the program files will be placed. The simplest choice is C:\, but you can select any other place, even the Desktop.

For Winzip Users:
After the file TCD.zip has been downloaded, just double-click on it to open it in the Winzip utility. When you unzip (extract) the files it is important that the checkbox Use Folder Names is checked. .

After Extraction:
All program and data files will be in a folder \TCD at the location you selected for extraction. Open this folder and double-click on the file TCD.exe. You will probably then see Windows Protection in action, with a Button 'Do not Run'. Do not worry, click on the More Information link, and a button marked something like 'Run Anyway' will appear. Use this option (the program has been extensively tested and found safe).

At first startup, you will be asked if a shortcut to the program should be created (on the Desktop and the Program List). I would recommend using this option, but you can always later create a shortcut to start the program using right click on TCD.exe and selecting 'Create Shortcut'. This shortcut can be dragged anywhere you like.

Page Updated: 2019-10-16