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New Transcranial Doppler (TCD) Simulator Version 3.2

You have probably come to this page from an old link.  Click here to go to the new download page for TCD Simulator Version 3.2 (recommended).

The old Version 2.3 is still available for download (see below). In addition to newer Windows versions (7, 8 and 10), it will also run on Windows XP and Vista.

TCD Simulator 2.3 Installation

Download the setup file Setup-2.3.exe (about 4 MBytes)

After the Setup-2.3 program has been downloaded, just double-click on it to start installation. In Windows Vista, you must be logged on with Administrator privileges to install the program.

TCD Simulator 2.3 Professional Activation

At startup, the TCD Simulator Version 2.3 will run in the Basic Version. While the Basic Version is free, the Professional Version requires a license payment (24.00 euros).

To buy a key that will enable the Professional Version, goto the Activation Page . After receiving the license payment, we shall e-mail you the 8 character Activation Key.